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Facebook is the biggest social networking site and is become an essential part of our daily life. Facebook provides opportunities to connect with each other and share picture's, videos and messages. There are many features of Facebook one of them is the strict security system. Facebook tries its best to provide the best security to its users. Many people think that it is impossible to hack facebook account, but according to my little research, there are still some methods through which we can hack a Facebook account or steal password of a Facebook account. If you search about the Facebook hacker in google you will definitely find some software for this purpose, but you will not be surprised to know that all these software are scam and fake. Any type of software is not capable of hacking Facebook account. So don't waste your time by using these fake and scam software and read this complete article and then you will be able to hack any Facebook account.

There are many websites and groups working online which offer Facebook hacking for the money.  You can easily find them. But how good it will be if I tell you the latest methods for hacking Facebook accounts for free. First, you have to know about the security system of Facebook.

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Facebook Security System.

According to the official Facebook security system page, Facebook is trying to make usability better. Which means the only way to hack a Facebook account is to know the password and email. But Facebook has made login process very secure and you can't log in any Facebook account without proper credentials. If you want to hack a Facebook account you have to hack or steal login credentials which can't be hacked on the facebook. So you have to use other methods instead of using Facebook for hacking. There are many methods for hacking Facebook account like a keylogger, phishing method and some other's which you will find below. 

How To Hack Facebook Account:

There are many methods through which you can hack Facebook account. Some of the best ways to hack Facebook account are listed below.
  1. Phishing
  2. Keylogger
  3. Sidejacking
  4. Stealing Cookies.
  5. Hacking Email
  6. Saved Passwords

1) Phishing:

Phishing is one of the easiest and most common methods for hacking a Facebook account. Basically, in this method, you have to create a login page which really looks like the login page of Facebook and when the victim will enter it's Facebook account credentials the page will store credentials and you can see it. The best free phishing website for hacking a Facebook account is z-shadow

2) Keylogger:

Keylogger is a program which records all the data and key entered by a victim. Keylogging is the most common and undetectable method for hacking a Facebook account and you have to use it carefully because it can also be used against yourself. Even computer experts also can't detect it and sometimes they also become the victim of this.

3) Sidejacking:

 Sidejacking can be done with Firesheep. With the help of Firesheep, you can easily hack a Facebook account. Firesheep store cookies which can be used for hacking Facebook. But the limitations of this account is, this method can only be used when the victim is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

4) Stealing Cookies:

Stealing cookies is also one of the most common methods for hacking Facebook account. When you log in to your Facebook account, Facebook and your browser save sessions in cookies. Hackers steal these cookies and use them for login to victims account.Stealing cookies can also be done with Firesheep.

5) Hacking Email:

This method is difficult because in this method you have to hack the email which is attached to the victims Facebook account. After hacking the email you can easily reset or change the password of victims Facebook account. For Hacking Email, you can use Phishing method as well.

6) Saved Passwords:

In this method, you have to steal or hack the saved passwords which are saved by a browser. For this, you can make a USB with an automatic program which will steal all the saved passwords from the browser. 
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How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hacking:

I have listed some of the best methods for hacking a Facebook account. But now the concern is how to secure Facebook account from Hacking. So for this, you have to follow the instructions given below.
  • Keep the firewall always ON.
  • Use strong passwords( Your password must be consists of capital letters, small letters, numbers, and symbols).
  • Avoid using Facebook in Public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Don't save passwords in browser.
  • Clear cookies after closing your account.
  • Before login to Facebook account must see the URL of the page.
  • Always scan USB before using it.
If you will follow all the instruction then surely your Facebook account is secure from hacking. 

Warning: This article is only for educational purpose.

You can now hack Facebook account easily by these simple ways. Many Facebook Hacker softwares are available but these are scam and fake.Hacking Facebook account can only be done by these 6 methods.


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