How To Fix iPhone Running Slow


As we all know that iPhone releases a new phone every year. But many users have old iPhone and every year new iPhone apps are also released, these new apps demand more power. Because these new apps are made for new and latest iPhone. When users with old iPhone's install these new apps they face the problem " iPhone running slow ". This is also a cause for making your iPhone slow. But another fact is that all computer devices prone to slowing down because their memory fills up with respect to time.

iPhone resists slowing down, but it fails because due to use of high memory. iPhone running slow will be most annoying things could happen with every iPhone user. Memory has the huge impact on slowing down or making faster any computer device. 

The computer also gets slowing down like iPhone. iPhone is similar to a computer in many ways. Like any computer iPhone also gets slowing down, So read this complete article and follow all the steps written below if you want to fix iPhone running slow.

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How To Fix iPhone Running Slow:

  1. Keep software up to date
  2. Delete unnecessary app
  3. Clear browser data
  4. Close background processes
  5. Turn graphics down
  6. Delete unnecessary data (text, pictures, videos, and music)
  7. Restart your iPhone
  8. Reset iPhone (last Resort)

1) Keep Software Up To Date:

Upgrading iPhone software to latest version could also make your iPhone run faster. Because in some cases it is responsible for iPhone running slow. If you are not sure how to update iPhone check this. Updating your iPhone also helps you in different other manners. So if your iPhone is not up to date, update it in the first instant of time. 

Many people don't update their iPhone due to misunderstandings. If you are one of them remove any type of misunderstanding and negative thoughts from your mind. Because the new version of the software is made to make your experience better with iPhone.

2) Delete Unnecessary Applications:

If you really want to run your iPhone faster, then keep in mind that you must have to leave at least 1 GB free space. Because low memory could be the main reason for slowing down your iPhone. So check that which app is taking high memory and delete it now. Not only this app but also delete some other apps which are not in your use.

3) Clear Browser Data:

This is also one of the main steps towards making your iPhone run faster. We all use browser widely even most of us like me only use iPhone or any other device to surf the internet. The browser saves cookies and other data for making your experience better. Like browser suggests URLs. This all data takes memory. So clear browser data once in a month for surfing the internet smoothly.

Most of us don't clear browser data and with the passage of time browser start taking more and more memory and as we all know that memory is responsible for making a computer faster or slower. So clear all browser data now before proceeding towards next step.

4) Close Background Processes:

Keep a close eye on background processes. Once you open an app then don't forget to close it from the background. Because it takes memory so it will make your android slow. To fix your android running slow you have to close all the background app and processes.

1) Turn automatic downloads Off.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on iTunes and App Store
  3. Turn Off all the automatic downloads

2) Turn Off background refreshes.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on general
  3. Now select background app refresh
  4. Turn Off background app refresh

5) Turn Down Graphics:

As new visual effects are introduced in iPhone 6 and 7, So iPhone 6 and 7 users can't skip this step. You have to turn down graphics to fix iPhone running slow. It will also help in increasing battery timing of iPhone.

1) Turn Reduce Motion ON.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on General and then Accessibility
  3. Select Reduce motion
  4. Now turn On reduce motion.

2) Turn Reduce Transparency ON.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Tap on General and then Accessibility
  3. Select Increase Contrast
  4. Now turn On reduce transparency

6) Delete Unnecessary Data:

Data like messages, photos, and videos can also take much memory of your iPhone. You may have thousands of photos, videos, and messages in which I can guess only some data may be useful i mean important and rest of data will be junk. So this would not be bad if you delete some data from your iPhone to fix iPhone running slow and this deal is not bad because it can fix iPhone running slow which is the big problem then deleting some data.

I will suggest you delete unnecessary data from your iPhone and check that before deleting data if you iPhone is running faster. If not then you can restore deleted data.

7) Restart Your iPhone:

After doing all the steps restart your iPhone and check that whether iPhone running slow is fix or not. If not then jump to the next step without wasting time.

8) Reset iPhone To Factory Setting:

If you had done all the steps but iPhone running slow is not fixed then without wasting time reset iPhone to factory setting to fix iPhone running slow. This is the last resort.

Final Words:

I have provided you the best tips to fix iPhone running slow. I hope you after reading this article you will definitely fix iPhone running slow. If not then ask Apple for help or buy new iPhone.

Your iPhone is running slow? Don't worry you can easily fix iPhone running slow. Just follow these instructions: keep software up to date, delete unnecessary apps, clear browser data, close all background processes, turn graphics down, delete unnecessary data, restart your iPhone, reset iPhone. After doing all these steps you will definitely fix iPhone running slow.


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