How To Fix Computer Running Slow


Is your computer running slow and you are stuck with this problem? and you want to fix computer running slow, than you are lucky that you find this article. Having a slower computer is one of the annoying things that can happened with every one and much of the people do wrong things like reinstalling windows. Reinstalling windows is also a solution of this problem but not easiest one. So i will tell you just few simple steps which must be followed if want to fix the computer which is running slow.

In this article i will talk about how to fix computer running slow. There are many reasons for making a computer slower, in this article i will tell you the most common reason for slowing a computer and how to fix these problems.

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How To Fix Computer Running Slow:

You can make your slower computer faster by following these simple steps.

  1. Free Space.
  2. Scan for Viruses and Malware.
  3. Increasing RAM.
  4. Closing Background Programs.
  5. Find and remove heavy programs.
  6. Updating Windows.
  7. Empty Recycle bin.
  8. Clear Browser data.
  9. Rebooting.

1) Free Space:

         One of the main reason for slow computer is wide usage of space. Many people install lots of programs and other files which are not necessary, so you can delete unnecessary files and programs and make sure that you have 1 GB free space. 

2) Scan For & Malware:

       Viruses and malware are also may be the reason for slow computer. So you have to install a good anti-virus and scan for viruses and malwares.

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3) Increasing RAM:

       If you have installed windows 8 or 10 than your RAM must be 3 GB or higher for running your computer fast. Below than 3 GB RAM is not bad but if your RAM is below than 3 GB and you have installed windows 8 or 10 than your computer will be slower after two to three months.

4) Closing Background Programs:

        Many programs automatically starts when you open your windows like antiviruses. Which use your memory. So you have to insure that unnecessary programs will not open automatically in background. But i will suggest you to allow antiviruses.

5) Find And Remove Heavy Programs:

        Find for heavy and useless programs which are installed on your PC and uninstall these heavy programs to insure that your your computer run faster like a new computer.

6) Updating Windows:

        Make sure that your windows is up to date. Many people don't install update and they turn off automatic updates which causes hanging your computer. So always keep your windows updated.

7) Empty Recycle Bin:

      Permanently deleting file is not good, but if there is lot of data in recycle bin then it will make computer slow. So check for important files in recycle bin and delete unnecessary files. I will suggest you to empty recycle bin once in a month.

8) Clear Browser Data:

      If you are also using internet widely like me then you have to clear browser data once in two weeks to ensure that your computer run faster. Because it will consume lots of memory which is a reason for computer running slow.

9) Rebooting:

       If you have not restarted your windows for long time, then restart your windows immediately after doing all the 8 steps which i have discussed above.

Computer Running Slow Is Fixed:

       If you have done all the steps then surely computer running slow is fixed and now your computer will run faster. But if your computer is not running fast after performing all these steps then you have to reinstall your windows. 

Is your computer running slow and want to fix it! Than you are lucky to find this article. Now you can fix your slower computer and make it faster than that of before. Your computer will run faster like brand new computer.


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